7mabassador at villa ticca with child Villa Ticca is a non-for-profit foundation that provides childcare to poor families in the south of Quito. Families in this area commonly suffer from issues of domestic violence, substance addiction and the rate of single motherhood is high.  The children that attend Villa Ticca are between the ages of 2 – 12.The day care service provided by Villa Ticca means that the children receive nutritious meals throughout the day, educational classes to begin their learning development and regular medical check-ups. Parents of the children also benefit from the service as it allows them the freedom to earn an income during the day whilst having the peace of mind that their child is being well taken care of.
2bestuur Depending on a volunteer’s skills and level of Spanish there are different volunteer options available.

Skilled volunteers:         Have an intermediate or advanced level of Spanish, have a specific skill set and are willing to create their own activity program.

Unskilled volunteers:     Have a basic level of Spanish (have attended at least one month of Spanish classes), are willing to assist with a range of activities and work where most needed.

6r001-005_mailformaat General activities include; assisting teachers in the classroom and during the children’s meal time, helping to prepare meals in the kitchen, helping children with their homework.All volunteers will also be able to experience a ‘home visit’ in which they will visit the homes of some of the children in order to gain a deeper insight and understanding of their situation.

The cost of volunteers is $25 a week to cover the cost of the daily meals you will receive.

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