Although all activities are vital and very important there are activities that are important which are noted at the end with the word priority.

Training Languages

Training in the English language or another language is essential for the development and education of children and youth in the community and an important tool for the development of touristic activities which will help them grow.

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Language Teaching English or another language.

Provide languages classes to ​​a few girls and youths in the community starting with the basic level classes, depending on the volunteers project.Priority

Training other areas

Areas of training


Productive area



Training for the craftsmanship of chocolate or cocoa products and Plantain (Rural Agribusiness) banana, which is very important for the improvement of the economy and therefore the protection of natural resources that are in danger, this project It is extremely urgent. Priority

Tourist Area



Training in Guidance training to put fair prices of the various products, services and crafts.

Creating more recreational offerings.

Area Environmental



Recycling and clean technologies, environmental education, awareness of wildlife resources. Priority

Agricultural Area

Diversification of agricultural products and organic crops. Priority



Other areas of training you think volunteers can contribute to the development of community Tsachila.


Reforestation involves planting native trees and plants as carapa tangare Aubl guianensis. and chonta gasipaes bactris including native or endemic species at the same time as planting medicinal plants.


The main activities are: