The Tsachila people are one of the few pre-Inca communities with minimal Western influence. This ethnic group is divded into communities about three hours outside of Quito around Santo Domingo de los Colorados. The Tsachila people have opened up their community, Los Naranjos, to tourists who are willing to help preserve their rich culture in the face of encroachment of modern life, most notably the rapidly expanding town of Santo Domingo.


Visitors are welcome to spend a day, a week, or even longer with the people of Los Naranjos to learn abut the community, culture, history, agriculture, and shamanic and healing practices.

Sample volunteer activities include:

  • Working on the farm, planting and harvesting cacao, bananas, and other crops; gathering firewood
  • Help preparing traditional dishes
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Build cabins or make walking trails at the moment they need help replacing a roof
  • Make handicrafts
  • Help the kids with homework and teach the family members English
  • Use skill you have to help there lives better

In addition every time the Tsáchilas receive a visitor they will plant at least one tree to preserve the forest for future generations.

There is a small contribution that you make to the community of $10 per day just to cover your food and accommodation while you are there, however for longer stays we can negotiate a lower contribution.

Find out more!

  • If you have any questions or would like to participate in this project, contact Paul at: info@carpedm.ca