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treasure-exterior- Galapagos

Treasure of Galapagos Catamaran

Stable & wide motor catamaran with the comfort of a floating hotel, Top feature: spacious & bright cabins with private balcony & sea view.

Xavier- yacht -galapagos- islands

Xavier Yacht

When we talk about our Galapagos star fleet, the Xavier stands out for its excellent value for money and great service. Imagine all the luxury of delicious local and international cuisine, day trips to explore the islands, and picturesque views of the area from the upper deck; and all at an incredible price. Get on board!

Yachana Lodge

For over 25 years, Yachana Lodge has provided an immersive learning experience for visitors of all ages from all over the world. Our mission as a non-profit is to help provide our community with education and resources to improve people’s lives. Your contribution of visiting Yachana allows us to help build a new initiative in education with the creation of a science park.


Yolita ll Yacht

We know that it is always difficult to have to choose between comfort and good price. So we have the Yolita; so you don’t have to choose. You’re welcome! This attractive sixteen-passenger ship has surprisingly large cabins for its length, and its large upper deck allows you to enjoy all the Ecuadorian sunshine you could wish for.