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Secret Garden Spanish School

The Classes 
The Secret Garden does not sacrifice quality in anything they do. Their teachers all have a minimum 5 years teaching experience and the majority have both an undergraduate university degree plus some form of post-graduate specialisation in teaching Spanish as a second language.

Their classes truly are different offering a combination of both:
1. Theory classes – held either on our beautiful rooftop terrace overlooking the historic Old Town and surrounding snow-capped volcanoes, or in one of our quiet indoor study rooms overlooking our internal garden fishpond and water feature, plus

2. Practical excursions – head out and visit your choice of the many interesting places in and around Quito. You`ll be with your teacher the whole time, using the practical everyday Spanish that you`ll need for travelling. You`ll almost certainly want to stop off in a local restaurant/cafe – what`s the point in learning all 38 forms of the verb “to procrastinate” if you can`t even tell the waiter you`d like milk in your coffee!!

Flexibility – they are the only school that holds classes from 9am to 7pm, 7 days a week


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