Make a Difference in Ecuador!

Volunteer through CarpeDM

At CarpeDM, we are committed to quality adventure travel, providing tourists a unique cultural experience and connecting them  with local communities. We believe that travel can be used to only as a personal learning experience, but also as an opportunity to give back to the places you visit. CarpeDM locates designs and assists communities with constructing tourist infrastructure. This is complemented with training to help the communities run and manage the initiative as a business, and provide the necessary services for travelers. They also assist them with identifying useful and productive ways to use the shared income, and can help them to carry this out.

The community driven approach of sustainable tourism is based on 4 pillars:

1. Maximizing tourisms’ social and economic benefits to local communities
2. Reducing the negative impacts on cultural heritage
3. Reducing the harm to local environments, and maximizing the benefits both for cultural and environment.
4. Planning for long-term sustainability.

Projects We Support

CarpeDM works directly with a number of projects to ensure a great experience for tourists and successful development of the regions throughout Ecuador. We are working on a number of projects, and currently support the following programs:

  • Iirshim Volunteering Project/Shuar Indians  – The Amazon
  • Tsáchilas community experience – Santo Domingo de los Colorados
  • Villa Ticca Quito


Looking for more?

We have partnered with a great organizations that provide excellent and affordable opportunities throughout the world. Check out the websites below to find the perfect volunteering match for you: