Mariah Quilotoa 2 day trek

2 day- tour

Are you looking for an adventure in Ecuador that will take you off the beaten track to explore the beauty and magnificence of the landscapes of the country that have remained untouched by development and modernization? Then the Quilotoa Loop is the perfect expedition for you. Inspired by a traveller from Holland this program involves a 100% local experience. The Quilotoa Loop is located in the splendor of the Andes Mountains, with rolling hills and breathtaking vegetation, and encompasses of a number of towns and villages where indigenous farming and simple living is the essence of each community.

The Quilotoa Loop is an exceptional venture of exploration and discovery, boasting pristine landscapes, magnificent wildlife and a chance to see Ecuador from a different angle. Getting to know the locals, their customs and the traditions that keep these villages alive, is a truly amazing opportunity and one of the most fabulous attractions the county has to offer.

Day 1 
Departure from Quito at 8am in public transport to Latacunga. After a  2 -2 ½-hours-drive south you board another bus to Sigchos. At which point we´ll stop off at a local restaurant for lunch. Then catch another bus to the final destination of Chugchilan. Have a hearty dinner and a nights accomodation at either Mama Hilda´s or Cloudforest Hostal.

Day 2
You get up at 5:30am, have simply breakfast, catch the 6am bus to Laguna Quilotoa. Take in the stunning early morning views of the laguna. Begin a hike around the ridge of the crater and down into the valley to Guayama, cross the Rio Sihui Canyon and climb back to Chugchilan approx. 4-6 hours. Board bus in Chugchilan and return to Quito.

QuilotoaLoopkopie Quilotoaloop016 Andes_Quilotoa

photo credit: Mariah🙂

Price : $160 per person for a minimum group of 2 people

Important to bring
Warm clothing
Waterproof jacket
Gloves, scarf, hat
Hiking boots or trekking shoes
Extra snacks and water

Price Includes:

Price Doesn’t Include:
Meals, Accomdation & transport Alcholic drinks-beverages