Organic Farm Canoa


Finca Organica Canoa is a brand new project located in Ambache: a small village inland from Canoa, a popular tourist destination on the coast of Ecuador. The current project of the farm is to encourage tourists to experience the culture and help build and maintain organic farming practices and contribute to the community. Organic products include cacao, mandarines, oranges, melon, passion fruit, grapefruit, corn, coffee lemons, bananas, plaintains, peanuts, mamey, avocado, sugarcane, medicinal plans and other tropical fruits.


Volunteers are invited to help with the project and learn a variety of organic and traditional farming methods, composting, natural fertilizer, natural pest control, planting seeds, transplanting, harvesting, making cafe, james, fruit wines, yuga bread, corn tortillas, natural cheese, etc.

The finca has electricity but facilities are basic with clean drinking water, toilet and cold showers–the climate is warm-hot subtropical so hot water is not needed. There is a free bicycle use to explore the area.

Cost is $80 for one week and a $20 registration fee. This includes three meals a day. Short visits are also possible.

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