With a capacity of only forty guests, Yacht Isabela II offers a relaxed atmosphere where guests can enjoy an unforgettable Galapagos expedition, and fully experience their sense of discovery and bonding with nature.

Our classic Yacht Isabela II offers the most in-depth week-long itinerary, allowing guests to enjoy all the flora and fauna that the Galapagos Islands are famous for.

Passengers aboard Isabela II will enjoy its three public decks which include a bar/lounge, an ample sundeck, an elegant dining room, an observation area, a reading room, a library, a Jacuzzi, a boutique/shop, and a game room. From dining room to stateroom, one senses the superior quality at all levels of service.

Included Snorkeling

Wet Suit:  No included Paid a border $ 28.00


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  • Departures: Sunday – Sunday
  • Capacity: 40 Passengers
  • Year: 2000
  • Type: Luxury Cruise Ship (High- End Cruise)
  • Length: 125 ft. (38m)
  • Max Speed: 12 Kanots
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5 days Southern Galapagos

Friday – Tuesday


5 days Central Galapagos

Monday -Friday


7 days Northern Galapagos

Tuesday – Monday

Arrival in Baltra

Santa Cruz: El Chato Tortoise Reserve

Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Station

Arrival in Baltra

Santa Cruz: Twin Craters

Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Station

Arrival in San Cristobal

San Cristobal: Lobos Islands

Floreana: Post Office Bay

Baroness Cove

Floreana: Cormorant Point

Champion Islet

Santa Fe

South Plaza

Genovesa: Prince Phillip Steps

Genovesa: Darwin Bay

Espanola: Suarez Point

Espanola: Gardner Bay

North Seymour

Santa Cruz: Bachas Beach

Santiago: Espumilla Beach

Santiago: Egas Port

San Cristobal: Pitt Point

San Cristobal: Witch Hill


Santiago: Sullivan Bay

Fernandina: Espinoza Point

Isabela: Tagus Cove

San Cristobal: Transfer to the airport Baltra Island: Transfer to the airport Isabela: Urbina Bay

Isabela: Vicente Roca Point


Santa Cruz: Cerro Dragon

Baltra Island: Transfer to the airport
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