Iirshim Volunteering Project



 In 2006, Jorge Tunki opened his home to volunteers and tourists to help preserve the nature of his land and the traditional knowledge and customs of the Shuar Indians. Their long-term vision is to successfully make a living in the forest without having to sell timber or cause damage to the environment. Thus, CarpeDM started to work with Jorge Tunki and his family to develop tourism initiatives, and craft, fibre and small livestock production. The Reserve covers 150 hectares of lands: 5 hectares are used for traditional gards and the rest are still primary forests.


This project is located in the Jungle and will give volunteers the opportunity to live among the Shuar Indians. As a volunteer, you will live with Jorge Tunki’s family and participate in traditional Shuar customs. Volunteers will help establish and maintain trails, build huts and other tourist infrastructures, collect food and help in traditional farming, and maintain the medical plant garden. Volunteers may also carry out their own projects and ideas according to their skills and needs of the people.

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  • To participate in this project, contact Paul at: info@carpedm.ca


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