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Volunteer with Carpedm at Masara Muduu which is in the language Tsafiqui and means Home of the big fish you will have the opportunity to engage in existing initiatives that carped has ongoing. You could create your own project or conduct research for your thesis. Our long-term projects include campaigns for environmental education, sustainable agriculture, artisanal agribusiness, among others. Read about our short-term projects below to learn more about what we do. As a volunteer, intern or Carpedm thesis student, you have to come with a specific project already developed. If you don´t have a project you can develop your project once you’re already in the community and you will learn about the development in the community. However, it is important to identify their interests and generally know which branch you want to work in. To participate, you must have the motivation to learn more and to contribute to sustainable development in the Masara Mudu Cultural Center located in the community of the Naranjos Tsachila.

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