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Gareno Lodge

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  Gareno lodge is located about 77 kilometers thats about 2 hours drive From Tena. It is located in Huarani territory an area where oil companies have been extracting oil from the area for some time now. However in this area of Ecuador you do not find that the area has been polluted. What you will find is that the indigenous people like many groups in Ecuador have been Globalised. Many differenspecies of Birds Including the Rufous Potoo a rare bird that is hunted by many and seen by few. The vast majority of the people here live in normal houses and where normal clthes. However the older generation still stick to the traditional ways wear practically nothing and hunting with blow pipes and living in the traditional huts. You will get a chance to visit a Huarani family and they will share their cultur with you and you will be able to taste the typical food.

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Day 1.
From Tena , 77 km by road along the Napo River to Gareno LODGE.
Welcome cocktail.
Get your selves comfortable in the cabins.
Short walk around the cabins.

hike of 4-6 hours in the jungle accompanied by a native guide, you will discover the varieties of flora and fauna and culture of the huarani, and be shown several different medicinal plants and applications, You will find out what life is like in the forest, how to survive in the jungle, have the chance to collect seeds and fruits, also learn to build a traditional house and how to make handicrafts. All these activities are conducted in a primary rainforest with the huarani people in their typical dress that is bare.


In the afternoon we organized a competition with the blowgun gun at the tribes house, we can also enjoy the ceremonial dances and if you like you can buy handicrafts made by the natives.

Return to the lodge, short rest and then go swimming in the river Gareno.
Or Explore
around the cabins until the sun sets.


Walk at night in the forest to observe: animals, frogs, snakes, insects, tarantulas and alligators etc. Returning tell stories of the place accompanied by a small cocktail with a bonfire.

Day 3.
Check out all day in the Napo River.
Visit a Kichwa family to see local products such as cocoa, coffee, cassava, chonta, etc..

Participate or observe the gold panning on the shores of the Napo River
Refreshing swim in the river, also observe the flora and fauna around the river.

Lunch: Fish and preparing a typical meal such as grilled fish rapped in a leaf cooked on the fire and called maito, we can roast plantains, yucca, tasting different typical products of the area. Visit to the house of Yachak (shaman), know there preparing the drink called Ayahuasca (optional and not included in the price) .

You will have the opportunity to test or drinking ayahuasca, and do a cleansing ceremony to expell negative energy from the body with the Shaman or Yachak, who will be performing the ceremony … (optional and not included in the price)

Return to the lodge for dinner.

Day 4.
End of tour and return to the city of Tena.


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2 Days 1 night           $80 per person

3 Days 2 Nights         $140 per person

4 Days 3 Nights         $200 per person

Minimum group 4 people

groups of less than 4 will be charged extra.

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INCLUDES-Breakfast, lunch, dinner, room, rubber boots, local guide in Spanish, canoe trip.

Beverages (alcohol), tips, personal expenses, $ 20 entry reservation once and Tena-Gareno transport and vice versa.

Bring light clothing, bathing suit, hat, sunglasses, insect repellent, sunscreen, plastic bag, camera and batteries, flashlight.

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In Gareno Lodge you can do a vast range of specialised tours for people who enjoy adventure survival bird watching or living with the huaranies please contact us if you want a specialised tour for prices

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