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Sani Lodge

We are the only ecolodge in Ecuador 100% owned and managed by an indigenous community. Be our guest, we are Kichwa and we welcome you to our home in the rain forest. When you stay with us, you become one of our community where we will share and teach you about our environment and culture.

Siona Lodge Cuyabeno Reserve

The Siona Lodge is in the Cuyabeno nature reserve, deep in the primary forest of the Amazon Jungle.

Yachana Lodge

For over 25 years, Yachana Lodge has provided an immersive learning experience for visitors of all ages from all over the world. Our mission as a non-profit is to help provide our community with education and resources to improve people’s lives. Your contribution of visiting Yachana allows us to help build a new initiative in education with the creation of a science park.