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Climbing in Ecuador – Avenue of the volcanoes

In the mythical Andes mountains, there are volcanoes that are more than 16,400 feet/5,000 meters high and are permanently covered with snow and glaciers dating back to ancient times. Arguably the tallest active volcano in the world, Cotopaxi (19,350 feet/5,897 meters above sea level), is the perfect setting for charming villages and fertile valleys. Chimborazo (20,702 feet/6,310 meters above sea level) has five summits on flanks of rocks and an extensive Andean plateau. Cayambe (18,996 feet/5,790 meters above sea level) is the only snow-capped mountain in the world that is located at zero latitude. Iliniza Norte (North) (16,784 feet/5,116 meters above sea level) and Iliniza Sur (South) (17,267 feet/5,305 meters above sea level) are considered by the indigenous people to be a couple: male mountain and female mountain. The impressive Antisana (18,713 feet/5,704 meters above sea level) has two cones joined together by a shallow ridge.

Throughout the Andes mountain range, you will find impressive plateaus, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, cloud forests, valleys, indigenous markets and picturesque villages, and historical and modern colonial cities.
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