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Enjoy your stay with us 🙂

Book an Adventure with CarpeDM – get 20% off your Accommodation when you stay in
Casa CarpeDM Guesthouse. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

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Casa Carpedm is located steps from Plaza San Blas in Historical Quito. The gateway to Historical Quito since the 16th century.  A new modern yet classical construction that will make you feel like you never left home.  A south facing facade is the optimal orientation to take advantage of Quito’s superb natural light.  Perfect for those looking to just relax and recharge while planning your next Adventure.  Casa Carpedm is a small 3 storey home that has accommodation of 8 Matrimonial rooms, 5 twin rooms and 2 dorm rooms.

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We have a male dorm for 4 people and a female dorm for 4 people. Both with ensuite bathroom. On the same level as the self serve kitchen, with a view overlooking the San Blas Plaza.[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”56″][/mp_tab][mp_tab id=”559bfd3e23b10″ title=”Twin Rooms $40 per room *Single $30″ active=”false”]

We have 5 Twin rooms at a price of $40 US per room with private bathroom. If you like to book the room for yourself the cost is $30 US.

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We have 8 Matrimonial rooms at a price of $40 US per room. If you like to book the room for yourself the cost is $35 US.

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