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Seize the Day: Carpe diem is a phrase from a Latin poem by Horace (Odes 1.11). It is popularly translated as “seize the day.” An interpretation of the phrase might be as an existential cautionary term, much like “eat, drink, travel, and be merry, for tomorrow we die” with emphasis on making the most of current opportunities because life is short and time is fleeting.

Carpe diem has been modified to CarpeDM to reflect an evolution in meaning that not only encompasses the idea of “seizing the day”
but of also adding the element of “doing more ” (hence DM) in terms of giving back to the local community.


aboutus_carpedm Vision: CarpeDM Adventures will be valued for its expertise in responsible tourism and its ability to positively impact the local community that it serves.

Mission: CarpeDM Adventures, is a adventure company committed to meeting the needs of the community, clients and business partners through innovative programs that enhance the delivery of quality adventure travel. Building the social consciousness of the world one tour at a time. In 2014, we will implement the 3% model.  3% of our profits will go to local community projects.  3% of our employees time will be dedicated to volunteer personal projects.  3% of our programs will directly impact local communities.

Taking a page out of “Small Giants” we hope to embody the philosophy of the Danny Meyers’ “Enlightened Hospitality”. Treating those who chose to book with us as part of the family. Unfortunately, sometimes it means that we can’t cater to every request that comes to us in a timely manner but those who have the patience and understanding will know that if you do get us on your side it normally we will do all we can to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.Our crew is small but we give 110% in everything we do.


aboutus_carpedmpaul Our Management

Paul Parreno – Founder of Carpedm Adventures is a proud Canadian, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Has come back to my ancestral roots to re-discover the essence of this wonderful country. Having the priviledge of being both Canadian & Ecuadorian heritage allows him to take the best of two worlds and create new travel experiences like no other. Having worked over 6 years for the No. 1 service leader among top five Canadian banks, he brings the corporate “know-how” to this industry.

Having had the priviledge to work with some of the best operators in Ecuador, Paul makes it a point when possible to personally experience everything offered. While there is still more to explore, he has been to the Galapagos at least 4 times, into the Amazon Region of Cuyabeno Reserve, Huaorani Territory & many times into Tena, not to mention has climbed the summit of Cotopaxi & most recently Chimborazo.

A firm believer in building the local talent of the country and giving them the opportunity to showcase their skills on an International platform.

Consuelo Robalino – Was our diamond in the rough. Her mother, runs a small business and had enquired whether we take Interns from the local Toursim program from the Central University. Two weeks later, Consuelo began as an Intern sharing her vast knowledge with tourists. At first, she was shy but over time, she has developed into a force to be reckoned with. Having been coached by four previous employees Miriam Hutter, Julia Haessler, Elise Nootebos & Ivan Carrera, she learned the ways of the warrior which she embodies today.

After graduating from University Central she came on board full time. Learning the Operation side of the business, she quickly adapted to the fast paced environment and has proven a great asset to the company. When not running the Operation side of the business, Consuelo can be found on the dance floor showcasing her dynamic salsa skills. Not to mention, she’s put a few men to shame Conquering Cotopaxi Volcano in record time.

She’s totally committed in everything she does and is always looking to enhance your skills. She’s without a doubt a top talent for Carpedm and we’ve delighted her mother decided to approach us 2 years ago.

Natalia –Was Born In Quito, She is 22 years old and has a free spirit, she loves to travel have new experiences and learn new things.

Since she was a child she has wanted to be involved in Tourism, This is why she started to learn English by her self. It was Challenging in the beggining at times it seemed impossible, but with alot of hard work bit by bit she got a good grasp of the English Language and achieved her Goal and started working for Carpedm in August of 2017. Now she helps people from all over the world achieving their goals of travelling in Ecuador


Alirio – Is a passionate Quiteño Guide. He loves his job where he is always meeting new people from all around the world and able to work outdoors. he is an easy going person that takes Eco Tourism seriously after working 2 years in the Yasuni National park in the Amazon.

Alirio fits in to the team perfectly offering a great service of guiding with his friendly approach.

When not guiding he works in the sales office, But during his free time he has various hobbies, for example Mountain biking, playing drums or taking part in different sports.

dorian cotopaxi
Dorian Turner – First came to Ecuador while he was traveling when he was 19 and didn´t plan to stay here more than a day but when he got here he fell in love with the country. He started taking Spanish lessons and was volunteering in the Secret Garden Hostel. Which soon turned in to a a real job. After 6 months in Ecuador Dorian had to go back to England but his heart never left Ecuador and after 3 months he was back working in the Secret Garden.

He met an Ecuadorian girl and fell in love. They went traveling in Colombia for a month and then were living in Ecuador for another year.They went back to England for 4 and a half years where Dorian was working as a Lab techincian. But after four and a half long cold years in England Dorian decided to come back to Ecuador.

Now he is part of the Carpedm Team and couldn´t be happier. Dorian helps in the sales office and also offers massages evenings and weekends.   He outperformed both Consuelo and Paul while conquering Cotopaxi and came back in a great time of 4 hrs 20 minutes!

 Daisy Ramos– I am proudly Ecuadorian, I was born in 1988, I love to live new experiences and  take advantage of every opertunity life gives you. I am a cheerful, optimistic and fun person.
I have a beautiful family, my daughter Brithany is my greatest blessing and inspiration, I want to be an example to her, encouraging her that when you work hard everything is possible.
I studied in the Central University of Ecuador Accounting and Auditoría but as always I like to learn new things I got a Certificate in the Cordillera Institute fulfilling my goals.I Arrived at Carpedm in February 2017, Carpedm is my second family. It is a pleasure to be here and blessing more to my life, I like to get involved every day with enthusiasm in the operations office fulfilling my work with dedication and constancy.
 Taina Jijon– Taina first started working for Carpedm doing her very own city tour going in to great detail about the churches and the catholic influence in Quito and Ecuador.

She is now in the sales office during the weekend, making sure that Carpedm is open everyday of the week to help people with their adventures.

In her free time she loves to cook and travel.