Reina Silva

The Reina Silvia Yacht was designed for your best Galapagos experience. Their affordable and luxurious cruises are the ideal choice for your Galapagos adventure.

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Sail the Galapagos Islands in comfort while enjoying tasteful cuisine, informative talks by the certified naturalist guide or lounging in the library while reading or watching nature movies. All six cabins have two single or king-size beds, and four rooms include a hidden stall for a third passenger. All rooms have air conditioning and a spacious bathroom with a full-size shower.

All staterooms on the Reina Silvia include climate control, satellite telephone, private bathrooms, and an entertainment center with CD/DVD.


  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Wet suit
  • 8 Days $ 50
Reina-SilviaReina_silvia_yacht_CABBINS YACHT GALAPAGOS
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Class: First Class
Capacity: 16 Passengers

Length: 90 Feet

Year: 1961

Crew: 6 + guide

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Itinerary A Eastern Route 8 days

PM:  Santa Cruz: Breeding Center Fausto Llerena

SUNDAY AM:  Española: Gardner Bay

PM:  Gardner Islet, Osborn Islet, Suarez Point

MONDAY AM:  San Cristobal: Lobos Island

PM:  Kicker Rock

TUESDAY AM:  Santa Fe Island

PM:  South Plaza

WEDNESDAY AM: Genovesa: Darwin Bay

PM: Prince Phillip Steps

THURSDAY AM: Santiago Island: Sullivan Bay

PM: Bartholomew Island

FRIDAY AM: Red Beach – Rabida

PM: Chinese Hat

SATURDAY Transfer to Baltra Airport
Itinerary B Western Route 8 days

PM: Santa Cruz: Twin Craters

SUNDAY AM:   Floreana: Cormorant Point

PM:   Champion Islet, Post Office Bay, Asilo de la Paz

MONDAY AM: Isabela: Moreno Point

PM: Elizabeth Bay

TUESDAY AM: Isabela: Urbina Bay

PM: Fernandina: Espinoza Point

WEDNESDAY AM:  Isabela: Tagus Cove

PM:  Vicente Roca Point

THURSDAY AM:  Santiago: Espumilla Beach or Buccaneer Cove

PM:  Egas Port

FRIDAY AM:  Santa Cruz: Bachas Beach

PM:  North Seymour

SATURDAY AM: Baltra Airport
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