Why Choose Us?

Enlightened Hospitality

Starts with valuing our front-line team, who in turn share their knowledge and expertise and do their best to ensure a quality experience.

Value for Money

We don’t compete on price, we pride ourselves on providing best in class service. Thereby ensuring that your investment with us saves you time/effort and gives you the peace of mind you are looking for 🙂

4 Worlds of Mega-Divesity

It’s a land full of startling contrasts, in which snow-capped Andean peaks slope down into the Amazon rainforest, and chains of islands are a living example of the evolution of the species.

Fast Booking

DAYTOUR ONLINE BOOKINGS NO CREDIT CARD FEES. Select your daytour of choice and under the cost section you will see options for booking your tour online. *Conditions do apply with online bookings.

Support Team

A dedicated family that will do it’s best to cater to your needs. Caring for each other, caring for it’s clients and caring for the community.

3.3.3 - Our Why?

At the core stands the 3.3.3 program. 3% profits back to community, 3% employee time – earmarked for volunteering & 3% tax that goes towards environmental initiatives.

Explore Edges

Redefining travel by offering inspiring adventures with zapp! As one of Quito’s most recommended agencies, we strive to make your time in Ecuador one to remember. One of the only agencies who are located in the heart of Historical Quito, we pride ourselves in living and breathing travel. Our enlightened hospitality is sure to keep you coming back for more.

Satisfy the travel bug by exploring our: daytours, multi-sport, amazon and galapagos programs and enriching your life with one of kind experiences. Our volunteer programs are currently in the works but stay close as we got some great surprises in store.

Enjoy the beauty of Ecuador and leave the details to us. See our past clients’ recommendations.  
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